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Simple and hassle-free digital safety binders.

Comprehensive solution for managing Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

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Access critical information

In real timewith version controlwith easy search capabilities

Zira digital binders can be customized to meet specific regulatory requirements, ensuring that your company is always in compliance with industry standards.

Safety analytics

Safety analytics

Leverage the power of data to enhance overall efficiency, improve safety, and lower costs related to workplace safety.

Available everywhere

Available everywhere

Comply with OSHA Hazard Communication Standard and make safety data sheets available to all employees wherever they are needed.

Inherently integrated

Inherently integrated

Integrated with Zira Work solutions, such as maintenance and operations providing a comprehensive solution for streamlining your operations.

Access Zira from anywhere with our mobile tablets.

A safety binder on a tablet.

Integrated with all of Zira Work's solutions, the digital safety binder is available on a tablet and grants you access to all of your safety documents wherever you are.

Work 2050

Add digital safety binders to your operator panels, and make it accessible everywhere using QR codes. Endless possibilities to improve.  with ease.

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