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About us

A digital platform for industrial manufacturers that enables end to end business automation

Zira: A partner with Oakley
Zira: A Partner with WestRock
Zira: A partner with Lagunitas
Zira: A Partner with the California Energy Commission.
What we achieved

Zira unleashes your business potential by improving uptime.

Easy to use

With its intuitive user interface and customizable dashboards, Zira Work provides real-time data analytics and insights that allow companies to make data-driven decisions

Artificial intelligence ready

Its advanced AI algorithms and machine learning capabilities help streamline work processes, increase efficiency, and reduce downtime.

future is now

Work like it's 2050.

The solution integrates seamlessly with existing systems, reducing the need for manual data entry and enabling automation of repetitive tasks. Zira Work's secure cloud-based architecture provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for industrial companies of all sizes.

Use cases so far
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Future is now
who we are

Our Management Team

Elhay Farkash


Guy Peer


Odelia Farkash

Chief of Staff

Dana Ben Ari

Chief Financials

Our offices are in Silicon Valley, San Diego, and Tel Aviv.

Our guiding principle

We help our customers become profitable for people and planet.

A single system of record for all your data acquisition, operations management, and continuous improvement on one platform.

We provide the sensors (temperature, speed, power, flow, pressure, humidity, and radar) or connect directly to existing sensors and controllers. Sensors’ data is instantly and securely accessible from your smartphone or tablet so you can check real-time status or monitor trends. Zira will automatically set alerts for data continuity and quality so you can fully trust the data that you base your decisions on.

Zira gives you full control to create the dashboards of your dreams! Create engaging dashboards that push teams to take action and automatically send messages in the current channels or direct to users. Zira also comes preloaded with dashboard and analytics templates to help you start fast and get things done.

Digitize your manual processes and get notifications, alerts, and real-time data to do the work for you. You can easily set up workflows and streaming alerts for quality assurance, safety, and downtime tracking. Once the processes are flowing, you can replace digital forms data entry with sensor and automated controls to grow the ROI even further.

Keep all your data, including employee feedback, comments, and collaboration data, in one place, which we call a ‘channel’. Leverage channel activities to learn how your teams interact with each other and deploy artificial intelligence to drive consensus and nurture growth.