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Zira's Features and Functions

A single system of record for all your data acquisition, operations management, and continuous improvement all on Zira.

Zira Sensors

Deploy sensors and get real-time data about what’s happening right now.

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Zira Dashboards

Easily create your own dashboards or use pre-loaded templates to get started fast.

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Zira Digital Forms

Quickly set up digital forms to replace manual processes and automate workflows.

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Give employees the freedom to collaborate and get their feedback over real-time data in real-time.

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For maintenance teams

Maintenance and operations

For safety managers

Compliance, health and safety

For EHS and energy managers

Sustainability and Environmental

For facility managers

Continuous improvement

Zira streamlines it all into one flow. Production, safety, quality, maintenance is all fully automated with Zira. Try Zira today for free.

Zira is driven by engagement.


Available where work is, with full features on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.


Get started building your processes in 10 minutes without developers.


Built to embrace change so you can stop wrestling with broken data and become flexible.

Collaborative 💡

Designed as a social network where people, machines and business processes interact.

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for everything.

Drive continuous improvement by embedding private, group, and channel conversations into your business process.