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Instant energy audit, in real-time, all the time.

Utility rates are going up.

We can help!

Utility rates are rising substantially. Want to see what you can do about it?

Save time and money managing your energy.

These leading manufacturers are already using Zira

Validated by the Energy Institute and 3 top universities at more than 100 manufacturers in California. Now deploying artificial intelligence for the California dairy industry. We have everything you will ever need to manage energy.



Based on features and functions



Power-meters and gateways

Artificial Intelligence

and task management

Analytics and Dashboards

Looking for more than energy management?

Energy audit,
in real-time,
all the time

Our suite of services will assist in creating your baseline energy audit and will constantly update it with fresh data straight from your utilities providers and from any submeter.

One-click utility data integration

Unlimited users and data storage

Premium support available

Helping you make sense of your energy data.

Energy costs are rising fast. We provide all the energy data about your facility to make sure it is running at maximum efficiency. Leverage Lightapp to learn more about energy standards for your specific industry and how your KPIs compare to the most efficient plants.

How much energy am I using right now?

Zira is a certified data aggregator by many utilities ('Greenbutton'). All you need to do is log in to your utility account and look for the "Data Sharing & Download" option. Once connected, data for each meter will start streaming into Zira. We will immediately start generating reports, monitor consumption, and alert you of changes in consumption pattern changes.

Any trends? how do I compare?

Start with a simple question: "now vs. last week/month/year?"

Calculate causal factors to determine the benchmarks

accounts for normal fluctuations before marking anomalies.

Layer production data over energy consumption


Unlocking Industrial Energy Efficiency Through Optimized Energy Management Systems

What’s my energy consumption per finished good?

To gain more insight, layer your production data (finished goods / raw materials flow) over energy consumption data and achieve real-time KPI of your consumption per unit trends. Detect anomalies and changes in real-time so you can act without delay and prevent further losses.

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Connect real-time streaming data from power meters installed on major equipment (compressors, chillers, mixers, etc.). Seamlessly combine the paperless data from digital forms with real-time data from sensors and IT systems and generate new insights that help improve efficiency and solve problems fast.

Performance improvement depends on what you do with it. Effortlessly share information for enhanced decision-making engaging with your staff and employees. Everyone in your dairy processing plant will easily access the data and information in a secured and monitored process. You can take action immediately to fix energy waste and problems.

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