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Industrial Energy Optimization

Utility rates are rising substantially.
Want to see what you can do about it?

Energy analytics driven by the future.

Energy Meters

Get visibility into your operations like never before. Connect streaming data from your machines into one place.

Energy Data

Eliminate time-consuming manual processes, checklists, and SOPs. Our digitizing service also has embedded analytics.

Energy Insights

Improve your bottom line and your energy KPIs. Get suggestions for the next best actions to take for improved performance.

Energy Mapping

Automate energy asset management with ‘Mariah’, our mapping service that creates a digital twin for your facility.

Working For ManufacturersFacilitiesUtilities

We unleash your business potential by maximising the innovation.

Digital Twins
Energy and Assets mapping

Energy management begins with mapping all energy-consuming machines and utilities.

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Data Acquisition
Digitization and Streaming Data

Streaming and transactional data acquisition from sensors and operations.

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Insights & Analytics
Benchmarks, KPIs, and  Analytics

Sifting through data to find causal relationships, categorizing information into data streams, and discovering energy insights.

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We help boost your sustainability metrics.


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Our services

Transform how your team sees sustainability

We capture and analyze data about energy flows so you can make data-backed decisions that propel efficiency.


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