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Artificial Intelligence
for Dairy Processors

Targeting a 25% improvement in energy efficiency, More than 30 dairy processors across California are deploying Zira's artificial intelligence solution including power meters, full installation services, and software services.

Available grants for qualified dairy processors.

Join 30+ dairy processors already using Zira

Built for dairy processors.

Collaboration Tools

Endless use-cases that make it highly flexible, adaptable, and scalable for everyone.

Digital Forms

Eliminate time-consuming manual processes, checklists, and SOPs by deploying digital operations.

Artificial intelligent bots

Improve your energy KPIs and your bottom line by leveraging suggestions for the next best action to improve performance.

Automated notifications

Connect streaming data from your machines into one place and get visibility into your operations like never before.


Task Management

Put task management into robotic mode and enjoy more leisure time with your real team members.

Asset management

Digital mapping service captures the required information and uploads data from inventory logs and utility bills.

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Work Like It's 2050 with Zira

We are helping dairy processing facilities become more competitive and improve energy efficiency.

Map your facility's energy consumers and processes

Schedule an installation date for deploying energy meters

See analytics instantly and set alert triggers

Benchmark yourself against other dairies

Power Meters

Acquiring data is walking half the distance. Real performance improvement depends on what you do with it. Effortlessly share information for enhanced decision making with your staff and employees. Generate new insights that help improve efficiency and solve problems fast.

Go Paperless

Tracking information with paper is time consuming. With Zira, you can capture data instantly and automatically generate trends, insights, and tasks.


Acquiring data is walking half the distance, real performance improvement depends on what you do with it. Effortlessly share information for enhanced decision making engaging with your staff and employees.

Take your business to the future. Zira’s all-in-one energy and operations excellence management tools.

Zira is built

for Dairy.

A single system of record for all your data acquisition, operations management, and continuous improvement on one platform.

Available where work is, with full features on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Designed as a social network where people, machines, and business processes interact. Get started building your processes in minutes without developers.

Read more about how our software has brought energy efficiency to various dairy companies.

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OEE is the measure of the performance of assets against their future potential. It estimates production capacity – specifically physical materials, time, and physical assets – by measuring the usage of manufacturing resources to indicate the gap between the real and intended performance.

Zira leverages power meters and power measurements to identify and quantify conditions that cause the unavailability of equipment.

Energy is one of the top costs of running a dairy, with 50% of that cost going into chillers and air compressors. Zira leverages AI and machine learning to collect, analyze and drive action from data acquired from existing and newly installed sensors placed strategically within the dairy processing facilities.

We are not talking about process waste, we are talking about waste due to inefficiencies and low quality. Zira combines Analyzed power data and employee engagement data to identify operational inefficiencies that hinder yield and quality, and helps take action in real time.

Running efficiently means running without interruptions minimizing idle setup times and unplanned maintenance recoveries. This also means minimizing idle energy waste and identifying problems before they become problems.

Identifying saftey issues and assuring compliance involves manual processes that are deployed by the staff. Zira helps automatically prioritize and share safety issues for faster fixes, identify hotspots by aggregating information on milk processing by employee, department or team. You can also use Zira to set goals and measure performance against industry benchmarks or your own performance.

Zira: A Partner with the California Energy Commission.
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