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Top quality, maximum profit.

AI driven cultivation, packaging, & distribution helping growers produce high quality yields, while reducing waste and optimizing resource usage.

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AI built for cultivators.

Collaboration Tools

Endless use-cases that make it highly flexible, adaptable, and scalable for greeneries of any size.

All-in Digital

Eliminate time-consuming manual processes, checklists, and SOPs by deploying digital operations.

Artificial intelligence bots

Drive top quality yeild that improves your revenue and bottom line by leveraging artificiall intelligence in every step.

Automated notifications

Connect streaming data from your sensors into one place and get visibility into your bays like never before.


Task automation

Put task management into robotic mode and enjoy more leisure time with your real team members

Tracking and monitoring

Digital mapping bots captures the required information and uploads data from everywhere including inventory and logs.

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Work like it's 2050

We are helping cultivators become more competitive and improve flower quality.

Space and labor planning

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Mobile cultivation and work management

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Quality assurance and management.

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Yield forecasting and planning.

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All the tools you need

to manage cultivation and packaging.

A cannabis production platform that solves yield quality problems and skilled labor shortage.

Zira includes task management, labor tracking, automated meter readings, smart embedded analytics, paperless harvest, tracking automation, pest management and documentation. All in real time and driven by artificial intelligence.

We will help you build the foundations for cost reduction and performance maximization and most importantly a profitable business.

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