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See Everything Like It’s 2050.

Great reports help you make decisions and take action. But sometimes you need to get your insights at-a-glance, especially depending on your audience and the device being used. 

Enter the Zira dashboard, your utility for summarizing and displaying your Zira data in a graphical layout. Zira’s dashboard allows you to present multiple reports side-by-side of any time using dashboard components on a single dashboard page layout.

Real Time Data

Get data back from your most important meters and forms down to the second.

Mobile Friendly

See your dashboard from anywhere, whether it's on your phone or on your home laptop.


Easily extend time charts across your screen, widen your task boards, or change to any time interval for your most important indicators.

Create in Seconds

Take any data source, task board, or digital form and visualize it on a dashboard for your whole team to see.

For Operations

Operator Panel

For Safety

Safety Binder

For Energy Management

Rate Dampener

For Maintenance

Digitize Plant Rounds

Setting Up Your Dashboard

  • Navigate to the Dashboard tab in your desired channel.
  • In the top right, click Add Dashboard.
  • Name your Dashboard and make it Public or Private.
  • In more settings, you can choose a default time range and interval for your Dashboard.
  • Click Save, and you're ready to customize!

Dashboard Widgets

Widgets are mini versions of your Zira application that live on your Dashboard, providing information at a glance or giving instant access to a variety of tasks, without having to fire up the app every time.

These helpful squares can be used in a wide variety of helpful ways, or can simply help make your Dashboard more personal.


Quick Access Shortcuts

Make important documents, forms, or links on Zira easy to find on your dashboard.


Key Performance Indicators

See real time data back from any of your most important KPIs.


Group by Chart, Kanban, or Table

Take any metric and group them based on your preference.


Our Feed Widget

Get all of the latest reports, alerts, and tasks from any channel.

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Hear from all types of teams on how Zira's dashboard has brought more efficiency to their facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zira’s dashboard allows you to look at any time interval of data, from a year ago to the last five minutes of reporting.

Yes! Zira’s dashboard is flexible and your widgets can be adjusted based on the device you are seeing it on.

All dashboards on Zira can be shared via a QR code or URL, making it easy to access from anywhere in your facility.